Botis Seva

Far From The Norm

Creative Mission

Botis Seva aims to make work that provokes an audience to react both emotionally and physically. He wants to challenge people to interact with what they are seeing, rather than simply sit back and observe.


A freelance dance artist, Botis Seva is also Artistic Director of Far From the Norm. Botis’ work has a strong spiritual foundation and draws on both contemporary and Hip Hop foundations. He is establishing himself as a creative choreographer who has the ability to work collaboratively across forms and adapt his artistic practice whether working with professional companies or within the community dance scene.

Far From the Norm was established in May 2009 and is a collective of individuals that all bring distinctive features to the company. The company’s work takes various forms and recently has had a more physical theatre approach. This adds to an even more authentic commitment to providing visual and visceral journeys to their audiences whilst exploring social cultural subject matter.

Far From the Norm has performed both nationally and internationally at events such as Breakin Convention’ at Sadler’s Wells, San Francisco’s International Hip Hop Dance Fest and various choreographic platforms at The Place, London.

Future Plans

Botis’ main focus for the next few years is to build relationships with international companies, organisations and theatres, in order to start developing the company’s international profile and also to exchange and learn from different artists.

At the same time they will continue to create a range of thought provoking works encompassing site-specific, film and theatre, and continue to work with their local communities, inspiring the next generation of dancers.

Current Projects

Far From The Norm

Step into an unknown reality where the dancers create worlds within a world that transports you to the future of Hip Hop theatre. One world may abandon you in a chaotic confrontation of physical public disorder and the next will release you into an orient of ethereal unspoken vocabulary. A production that brings to you new pioneering work from the acclaimed Botis Seva, collaborating with alternative creative mediums using original music scores that result in hypnotic performances that challenge the norm.

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