Ed Stephen (Ed Spoons)

Ghetlow Pirates

Creative Mission

As a teacher and performer, Ed is passionate about dance and hip hop culture. He aims to use his teaching practice to build confidence and skills, but also to develop understanding and responsibility towards spreading the real ethos of b-boying in a creative, original and positive way.

Ed is also part of Ghetlow Pirates, a collective of b-boys originally from Leeds but now spread all around the UK. Founded in 2004 it represents a real raw, stylish and expressive approach to b-boying.

Future Plans

In the future Ed will be continuing to develop ‘Shame’ with John Berkavtich researching engaging, multi-disciplinary and thought provoking work. He will be found working with UnityintheCommunity to organise jams and events to help strengthen the Hip Hop scene in the UK.


Ed is available to teach b-boying and through Unity in the community can also offer workshops in design, screen printing, dj-ing and music production.

Current Projects


A multi-disciplinary theatre performance by John Berkavitch blending spoken word with hip hop and contemporary movement, animation and projections. The piece has just completed its first tour and will be at Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe in summer 2014.

Unity in the Community

Unity is a collective of b-boys, artists, musicians and djs who have come together to organise parties, jams, exhibitions and events which spread a wider understanding of hip hop culture and linking its different elements. In 2014 they ran JAMuary – a sold out party jam with invited international b-boys, 6 djs, a live band, screen printing installation and poster exhibition. People came and got loose, shared energy and represented. Plans are afoot for a return next year and also a special summer jam in August 2014

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Projects with East London Dance

The Firm
Tomorrow’s Men
On the Move
The River


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A high energy, street dance class for beginners.

Street Dance


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Our breakdance group exclusively for young men aged 11 - 19 years

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