Sara Dos Santos

Independent Movement Artist

Frontline, 2014. Photo: JC Allsop


Sara is an independent dance artist and 2007 graduate from Bird College, where she studied Musical Theatre and Dance. Following a versatile career in dance, theatre and TV, she began exploring her own movement vocabulary. She currently has an artistic focus to encourage and inspire change through dance. Her most recent piece Frontline raises awareness against human trafficking and child prostitution; inspired by an outreach project in Brazil.

Interweaving experiences and techniques learnt during her time at Alvin Ailey School in New York and most recently exploring Afro Cuban techniques at Danza contemporanea de Cuba (Cuba Danza) in Cuba, Sara enjoys creating emotionally charged work incorporating a variation of urban contemporary dance styles, forcing participants to embrace their individuality.

Creative Mission

At present Sara’s artistic focus is researching philosophies and exploring methodologies that interweave dance theatre, therapy and creative workshops. With this, she aims to develop thought-provoking performances that raise awareness to social and political issues, as well as developing educational workshops that equip participants through dance and creative arts to change a mind-set towards modern day slavery.

As an independent dance artist Sara’s creative mission is to:

  • Continue working collaboratively with artists across art forms such as film, spoken-word, music and drama to create thought provoking dance theatre work that inspires audiences to stand up for positive change.
  • Build international relationships with theatres, organisations and companies to expand her multifaceted profile, support her artistic growth and share ideas with like-minded
  • Impact young women aged between 18-25 offering the opportunity to explore their identity, grow as artists and advance a channel of self-expression.


Current Projects

A 30 minute narrative dance piece that exposes the reality of human trafficking and child prostitution in Brazil. Based on true stories we watch four women who are traded for the enjoyment of others, turn their bodies from money making commodities into self empowered instruments able to express and achieve their full potential.

Twists and Twirls
A 20 minute piece uncovering the true meaning of love. Feeling loved, being loved, demonstrating love, receiving love. Uniquely created for Unveiling Festival 2015.

Suffering Servant
A solo performance by Sara Dos Santos. Uncovering the pain and frustrations of being an everyday servant but also the hope remaining in all that is heaven bound.

Education Work
Sara teaches a variety of open contemporary jazz classes throughout the year. Sara is also an associate lecturer at Bucks University.

Homepage portraitsara

Sara Dos Santos. Photo: Barnaby McArthur

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“A breath taking performance delivered with such integrity and honestly.”

Phillipa King, Memorial Community Church

“A challenging piece that truly captured the pain and heartbreak of the young women's situations that the dancers sought to represent. Privileged to have had the opportunity to watch this outstanding piece.”

Emily Chalke, Funder of Ella’s Home

“Thought provoking and emotionally charged work that deals with a taboo subject, forcing us the audience to deal with this reality.”

Vicki Igbokwe, Uchenna Dance Company


Projects with East London Dance

East London Youth Dance Company
Shh It’s a Secret Flash Mob
Afro Vibes London – Mixed Movement

Artistic Director: Sara Dos Santos

Composer: Michelle Cade

Producer: GoodGrace Arts Collective (Grace Okereke)

Company Dancers: Lorraine Liu, Nandi Bhebhe, Francesca Thakorlal, Chirague Amarchande, Anna-Lise Marie Hearn and Ashling McCann (Frontline 2014 cast)


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