RISE Careers and Networking Event 2021

RISE was a free online two-day interactive career and networking event for students, graduates and early career artists aged 18+ that took place in March 2021.  

“The RISE event was brilliant, exactly what I needed after an extended period of unemployment.  I felt more motivated than ever after attending the event and it provided me with a lot of practical advice and tips with regards to my career and networking.” – RISE Delegate 

Co-designed by alumni of China Plate’s Young Producers, graduates of East London Dance’s The Fi.ELD and One Dance UK’s Dance Ambassadors, RISE aimed to explore and support routes into the creative sector, and provide a legacy beyond the event. 

What is the RISE Legacy document? 

The legacy document captures the 2-day event – providing both an archive and a resource that can be used by both RISE delegates and other people who are thinking about or beginning their career within the arts.  

Recent Fi.ELD graduates L U C I N E and Alison Thomas were asked to curate and create this document. L U C I N E explains how you can use it: 

“Working alongside graphic designer Helen Hennessy we were able to create a colourful, engaging, informative, useful and carefully curated document for you all.  

The RISE Legacy Document is yours to keep and use as you please. Divided into four sections it’s simple to navigate with the downloadable PDF version having links taking you straight to the page you need. The document includes a mix of holistic and practical advice as well as top tips from all the incredible artists you heard from during the event.  

If you happened to miss any parts of RISE, there is also a short summary to keep you in the loop.  Additionally, you’ll be able to access our exclusive playlist and dance to your hearts content. We truly hope you enjoy this document, and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts #RISECreativeCareers 2021.” 

Have a browse or download it for later 

To view full screen click the bottom of the window then click on the full screen icon at the bottom right. Please note active links are not available in this embedded window, to access those please download the document via the link above.

Who produced RISE?  

This event would not have been possible without the support of our 7 co-producers from across the three development programmes. These individuals were not only a part of the original co-design session, but also took on roles to support the delivery of the event. We asked Kate (Young Producers alumni), Alison (The Fi.ELD graduate) and Rachel (Dance Ambassador) a bit about the process and the skills involved: 

Can you tell us a bit about the programme you were a part of  (Young Producers, Dance Ambassadors and The Fi.ELD) and what you learnt? 

Alison: I was on The Fi.ELD programme at East London Dance in 2020! We learnt about budgets, marketing, fundraising, contracting artists, evaluation – basically everything you might need as an arts producer, and then put it all to the test by designing and running a weeklong festival! 

Kate: Back in February 2020 I joined a programme called Young Producers (YP) to create a festival called ‘RECLAIMED’. I learnt so much about what a producer does, developing skills such as organisation, email etiquette, considering audience experience, facilitating live sessions and evaluation.  

Rachel: I am a second-year dance ambassador of One Dance UK. Throughout the programme, I have learnt so much about advocating for dance, being the voice for change and spreading dance to everybody. 

What was your role during RISE? 

Alison: My role in RISE was as part of the co-design group and an assistant-producer and host. In the co-design group we came up with some ideas for what an ideal careers day would look like and what we’d like to see. As a co-producer I dealt with some of the planning and delivery of the event, co-hosting the second day, introducing the speakers etc. I was also one of the leads on the Legacy Document (above) working to gather all the content and work with our designer to put it together. 

Kate: I was invited to a ‘co-designing’ event with China Plate, East London Dance and One Dance UK. I was then asked if I wanted to join the team as a co-producer. After an initial meeting, I took on responsibility for the social event that would happen at the end of Day 1, which involved planning games, networking activities and facilitating the event on the night. 

Rachel: I had the opportunity to be a part of co-designing and co-producing for RISE, as well as co-hosting for Day 1 of RISE. 

What skills did you continue to develop through RISE? 

Alison: Through RISE I continued to develop my hosting skills, practicing public speaking, as well as line management and communication skills, acting as the interim between the legacy document designer and the organisation team. 

Kate: I was able to continue developing skills I learnt during YP, particularly my ability to communicate effectively within a large team, facilitating and public speaking skills and to improve my independent working skills.  

Rachel: I continued to develop my hosting skills through RISE. It was such a step up for me since it was a full day of hosting, and I was fully involved in the preparation as well.  

What are your aspirations for your future career? 

Alison:  In the future I hope to continue my career path in dance and the arts, growing as both a producer and a choreographer. I’d love to balance my producing work, both in organisations and working with freelance artists, alongside my own choreographic practice. It’s a (far away) dream of mine to have a show at Sadler’s Wells! 

Kate: The skills I’ve learnt on both YP and RISE have given me the confidence to keep pursing a career in the arts as a producer or a learning and community engagement facilitator.  

Rachel: I aspire to be a part of a repertory dance company in the near future. Ultimately, I would like to contribute to the developing dance scene in my hometown in Hong Kong, inspire the younger generation, and promote dance to the wider community. 

We can’t wait to see what these and all our alumni and RISE delegates go on to do next! To find out more about the three programmes, please visit the pages listed below: 

Let us know how you found the legacy document and what your next steps are with your own career in the arts on social media, using #RISECreativeCareers 2021.