Kiki Gale steps down as Artistic Director/Chief Executive

East London Dance announces the resignation of Kiki Gale who has led the organisation for the last 21 years.

She started her career as a dance performer, choreographer, and animateur, performing with companies including Ludus Dance Company and Rosemary Lee. As a theatre choreographer she worked for Century Theatre, The Dukes Playhouse Lancaster, M6 and Cleveland Theatre Companies and the Haymarket in Basingstoke. In 1992 she took up the post of Dance Officer at what was then East London Regional Dance Council, which in 1996 became the living and breathing East London Dance that we now know.

In her two decade reign, Kiki has overseen some incredible achievements for the organisation, leading the way in taking dance out to unusual and unexpected places including motorways, heritage sites and libraries and creating and presenting work that is inspired by the diverse communities in east London. She is passionate about promoting the talent and creativity in this part of London and securing the place of dance in venues across the sub-region.

In 2004 she was awarded an MBE for her services to dance development in east London.

Kiki says: