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What We Believe

Big Dance, Olga Primary School, 2016. Photo: Harriet Guest

What We Believe

Everyone has the right to dance.

Whether we are creating, participating or watching – dance can be enjoyed by all. It is exercise, it is entertainment, it is art, it is social change. Dance can thrill, tell stories, educate and inspire, it is liberating, energising, inclusive and fun.

Dance transcends language barriers and crosses cultural borders. A universal language that speaks to something deep within us all, it brings people and communities together and is as diverse as the people who do it.

Dance brings us closer to music and has the power to improve our physical health and mental wellbeing. It is whatever our bodies will allow. It can take a lifetime to perfect, but be picked up in seconds. It can start with a toe tap yet, with unlimited possibilities, stretch the human body to its very limits. It is the ultimate form of personal expression.

We love dance, it changes lives for the better and we believe that everyone has the right to access its benefits.